PIFRA Vendor Number Information System for Bills Tracking

Are you an employee in any Government institution of Pakistan? If so then here, I will guide you on how to get the PIFRA Vendor Number for bills tracking in accounting office.

But before go ahead, it is important that you are a registered member of PIFRA.

You must be aware that at times it is very difficult and time-taking to get your hands at the salary slip while you’re actually dying to see how much you earned in that particular month, minus all taxes and deductions.

This is where PIFRA comes to the rescue. The purpose of this program is to help Government employees get access to their salary slips in a fast and convenient manner.

Requirements for PIFRA Registration

Even if you are a government employee (either in the federal government or in one of the provincial governments), you are not default registered for PIFRA-related benefits. This means that you have to register for PIFRA.

The process is very simple and quick.

However, the process requires some information, certain documents, and details that you need to submit before you become a PIFRA vendor to Check Bill Status via Online Tracking System.

Here are the basic requirements needed before ever you go to the Financial Accounting & Budgeting System’s website and apply for the process.

  • Complete Name
  • Personal CNIC Number
  • In case its an organization, STN Number
  • Mobile Phone/Personal Landline Number (registered in your name)
  • Date of Birth
  • Private Email Address for Salary Slip
  • Your Government Office Scale
  • Government Code

Although this is not a requirement but common sense, I think you should not forget that you can only apply for PIFRA if you have a Pakistani nationality and you are a legally recognized government official.

PIFRA electronically generated salary slip is sent only via Gmail.

How to Apply for PIFRA Vendor & Online Salary Slips?

As I have stated earlier it is easy to apply for PIFRA Vendor status and all you need to do is get some details ready and comply with the criteria.

Here are all the steps that you need to take – from visiting Financial Accounting & Budgeting System’s website to receiving your first pay slip via your Gmail account.

  • Open your internet browser, type https://fabs.gov.pk/, and press enter.
  • This will lead you to the Financial Accounting & Budgeting System’s website. The previously functional pifra.gov.pk is not functional anymore and if you go to that website, you’d be redirected to the existing website for PIFRA Vendor requests: https://fabs.gov.pk/.
  • The structure of the website is very simple and you can easily have access to the kind of information and options you want. Take a look at the menu and you would be able to see a tab named “Services”.
  • Hover over that tab and this would unleash a dropdown menu. From that menu, click on the “Vendor Information”.
  • This will lead you to this page: http://m.pifra.gov.pk/vendor_info
  • Take a look at the empty fields because you have to fill them in. The first one is the “Government”. Depending on whether you work for Federal Government, Punjab Government, Sindh Government, KPK Government, or Baluchistan Government, pick the first letter. F for Federal, P for Punjab, S for Sindh, N for KPK (this is because of an error that someone made; instead of N for North-Western Province – the old name of the province – it should have been K for KPK) (another reason for this is K being already taken by Kashmir) and B for Baluchistan. Likewise, K for Kashmir, GB for Gilgit Baltistan, DGP for District Government Punjab, and DGN for District Government KPK (previously known as the North-Western Frontier Province).
  • Once you have entered the initial for the territory your Government organization is associated with, now insert your CNIC number or STN number in the text field. Once done, click search.
  • Now under the “Vendor Information” column, you should be able to see your vendor number, under the “Vendor Name 1” column, you should be able to see your name, under the “Vendor Name 2” column, you should be able to see your bank information (where your salary goes) and under “CNIC No/STN” column, you should be able to see the exact CNIC or STN number that you entered for the search. This process will help you with processing bills in accounting offices.

Receive Slip Through PIFRA Service

However, the bigger purpose of PIFRA Vendor service is to enable you to receive the salary slip via email.

  • For that go to https://fabs.gov.pk/, then hover over the Services tab and then click Online Salary Slip/Pension Slip.
  • This action will lead you to this page: http://m.pifra.gov.pk/salaryslip_emp
  • This is another form just like the previous one. There are certain fields that you have to fill in. Enter your Government code (e.g. P for Punjab), then enter your government-issued employee personnel number. After that, enter your CNIC number and add your date of birth. Lastly, enter your mobile phone number.
  • Click the button that asks you to verify the information that you’ve provided to the system. Once you click it, the system will verify your information and let you know if there is any mistake.
  • Once you are told that your information has been verified successfully, click the button that asks you to register the information.
  • As soon as you press that button, you’d be asked for your email address. The system will only accept a Gmail account. Enter your Gmail account and then repeat them for verification purpose.
  • Once you have successfully entered your Gmail account twice (once for the verification purpose), just press “Enter” from your keyboard. When you hit “Enter” you are told that “Now it is ok please click the submit button.”
  • Click that button and this will submit all your successfully verified and required information. You would read a prompt telling you that your email address has been registered and your monthly salary slip will be now sent to this email address.


With the advent of time, the Pakistani Government and its institutions are trying to catch up with the technological advancements that can make life easy for their officials as well as commoners.

You can now avoid the old-school salary slip headache, receive slips every month via email, and stay updated without having to physically visit the accounting department.

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  1. AOA
    When I entered my CNIC No. on vender info on fabs gov.pk,
    It shows message:
    No record found. Please give the solution.

    Also tell method to verify gp fund account no Online.(thanks)

  2. I got new vendor number 30378884 in my own name and account please replace the older vendor No.40189294 which was in the name of my father Malik Abdul Hameed on my monthly pay slip


    Amjad Ali Malik
    (CNIC No.3520103209121
    Corporate Tax Office, Lahore


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