PIFRA – Official Employee’s Payroll Form & Registration for Monthly Salary Slip

The term PIFRA is an abbreviation of “Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing (Pakistan).”

The government of Pakistan has introduced this useful payroll program to benefit its employees.

And how does it facilitate government employees?

It helps them by getting the payment slip faster and make the whole process fast track and smoother than it normally is, and thereby facilitating the government employees.

Now they don’t have to wait in long queues to get their monthly payment slips, they can easily get it via email.

It’s indeed a great initiative taken by the Government of Pakistan for the welfare of its employees.

All the information regarding PIFRA Salary Slip Registration Online by the department of finance is what we are going to discuss in this post.

So, if you still haven’t gotten your monthly payment slip for the month of November 2020? Worry not!

Sit back and relax, read the whole post.

By the end of the post, you will get it sorted out for sure.

How to Get your Payroll Slip via Email?

It’s pretty simple. Just go to www.pifra.gov.pk, download and submit a web registration form, and receive your monthly income slip online via email.

Those who have already submitted their registration form online are getting benefited as Government of Pakistan sends them their monthly payment slip via email every month.

If you have already registered with the online program, make sure to check your email box (also your spam folder) to ensure that you have received your payment slip for the month of November, 2020.

DDO Budget: Do you want to know more about PIFRA project? Why not.  Read about all the information on PIFRA monthly DDO budget expenditure and bill status.

Why register with PIFRA?

The simplest and convenient way to receive your monthly payment slip from the comfort of your home without having to rush to the office, and stand in long queues, waiting for your turn at the payment department.

This online program is convenient for everyone. Before introducing this program, it was even very difficult for the government of Pakistan to make sure that each government servant receives the monthly payment slip on time. Really, it’s a time saver for everyone –both government officials and employees.

PIFRA Project Details

So, you must be wondering what I need to do to get started? What documents are mandatory? Read on. We have written this guide to help you with complete information on PIFRA’s online registration process and provide you with step by step information.

The PIFRA program is going to help all the govt servants including teachers, medical officers, college’s employees, office clerks, school officers, and all others can get their payment slip right in their mailbox every month.

Project NamePIFRA
Project GoalSending Salary/Pension Slip
Issued ByGovernment of Pakistan
Salary Slip MonthNovember 2020
DirectorTahir Naeem Akhtar (051-9107241)

PIFRA Registration Requirements

Getting registered with PIFRA is a simple procedure. However, it is mandatory to provide some personal and regional details in order to get started.

You need to provide with the following details in order to get registered with PIFRA’S online payment slip program.

  1. Complete Name.
  2. Personal ID card Number.
  3. Your Mobile-Phone/Personal Number. (Must be registered under your name.)
  4. Pakistani Nationality is a must and you MUST be a Government Employee
  5. Your Province like Punjab, KPK, etc. needed.
  6. Date of Birth. (DOB)
  7. Private Email Address (Must be Gmail Account)
  8. Your Government Level Scale.
  9. Government Code.

Keep the relevant documents ready so you can get registered easily.

Is it Mandatory to Register with PIFRA?

It’s not mandatory. However, since, the purpose of this project is to facilitate government employees, why not take advantage out of it?

By using this service, it’s now easier to get statements, and sending salary payment slip online.

How to Receive PIFRA Pay Slip?

The official government’s website of PIFRA is www.pifra.gov.pk, however it is now permanently moved to a new domain name: http://www.fabs.gov.pk. In order to register for payment slips, you need to visit this page’s link:  http://m.pifra.gov.pk/salaryslip_emp#.

Furthermore, by visiting the official website, you can easily access your financial details. The structure is user friendly, and easy to access. You can easily navigate through the website, and put a few of your personal information to get the slip ready.

If you are already registered with PIFRA’s online slip program. Then, here are a few things that you need to take care of.

  • Make sure to check your email regularly every month.
  • If your payment slip is still pending, don’t worry, you will get it soon, sometimes it takes time to arrive in the user’s mailbox.
  • Make sure you also check your spam folder regularly, because due to system error, it can land in your spam folder, too.
  • In any case, if you slip is still pending after a whole month, then you need to get in touch with PIFRA and ask them for your slip.

Online PIFRA Salary Slip

Nowadays, people prefer getting things done online more than offline. Be it shopping, ordering food. Similarly, they even prefer getting information online.

It’s Easy and Convenient for the users to get their important documents such as pay slip, bank statements, and other documents without going to a relative branch or office.

As we know that the world is moving faster, everything is at your fingertips, thanks to the latest technology. Now, nobody has time for long and hectic procedures. That’s why getting your payment slips online via email is most convenient.

That’s why PIFRA has come up with this module, and is consistently improving its system and working on transferring its data over the web. By doing this, they will be able to manage their data better and provide govt officers the ease to get pay slip from anywhere in the world — whether they are traveling, on vacations, or on sick leave, their physical presence isn’t required in order to get a payment slip.

Visit Pifra.gov.pk for Salary Registration

How to Fill out PIFRA Registration Form?

Have all the relevant documents ready. Now it’s time to fill the registration form by yourself.

  • First, go to pifra.gov.pk (you will be automatically redirected to https://fabs.gov.pk/) for Pay Slip Registration.

PIFRA Redirect To FABS

PIFRA Service Tab

Online Pension Slip

  • Once you reach the form, you need to enter the valid Government code.

PIFRA Registration

  • On this page, you will see the full options with an online registration form that you need to fill out.
  • First, you need to enter the valid Government code. Example P for Punjab and K for KPK.
  • Then, add your Employee’s personnel number (your job number).
  • Lastly, you need to enter your CINC number.

Note: All old CNIC are not working here. So, you need to provide a new and updated CNIC number, else you will not able to register and get an error message. Make sure you should have NADRA digital ID card.

  • In the date of birth field, you need to enter your date of birth that listed on your CNIC. The format of data of birth should be in this format DD/MM/YY.
  • Last but not the least, you need to enter your mobile phone number that is registered under your name.
  • Finally, you need to hit the submit button and follow the next step for registration.

Email Registration Method for Govt. Employees

We have already explained above the complete method of registration. We have also included all the important details that you will require during the registration process. But we understand that some people might still have issues understanding the registration process and need further assistance. We suggest them to carefully read the guide twice or thrice (or until they completely understand it) or seek help from family and friends.

We created an explanation video with setup by step which surely going to help you. Let’s watch the video here.

PIFRA Salary Slip Account

We are pretty much sure that after following the above mentioned steps you will able to create your PIFRA salary slip account to get the monthly payment slips in your mailbox. The process to register is a simple one. Almost anyone can set it up. (No technical knowledge is required). The benefits of this program are great, now you don’t need to rush to a relative department in your office. You can easily receive it at the comfort of your home.

This is strictly an account used for sending payment slip

Just to mention here, it’s not a regular account to manage your profile. You will not able to change the username, email, etc. by yourself. It’s a simple account that will only be used to send you slip for your record.

Pifra.gov.pk Sign Up

As yet, you are not registered but all the details have been submitted to PIFRA. You will get a message that you have entered all the information so “Please click here to verify your given information” You need to click on that link, then it will further ask you to enter your email address.

You require to enter your valid email address twice for validation and confirmation. After that, you simply hit the Enter button.

Note: Make sure you add a Gmail email address only. All other emails will not work.

After submitting the Gmail address, It will show you a message “Now it is all ok, please click on the submit button” Just simply click on the submit button and you will register successfully. Now, you are ready to get your salary slip every month in your email box.

How to Check If You are Successfully Registered for PIFRA Online Salary Slip Program?

Still not sure if you are successfully registered? You don’t have to worry at all. You can easily check your registration by simply going to the main page where you have entered all the information. Next, just submit all the details again by following the process that we discussed above. If you have successfully registered, you will get the message that “you are already registered and you will get your wages to slip from the next month”.

If you are not registered, then you will not get the above message, instead, you will able to register again successfully and get a confirmation message about your registration.

Getting PIFRA’s Salary Slip Online Every Month

Getting a Salary slip online is easy by registering yourself with PIFRA. If you are already registered then it’s all good, and you will get the slip in your mailbox at the end or initial days of the month.

You need to regularly check your email and Gmail account that is associated with the PIFRA, download your payment slip, and print it too to it to keep in the record or to show where it’s needed.

Still, having an issue and not getting a slip in your mailbox? Just make sure that you have entered the correct details while creating an account with PIFRA.


You can also email the PIFRA support at [email protected] and wait for a few days (24 to 48hours) to get the response from the Government representative with a detailed explanation about your account issue.

PIFRA Support

In case you didn’t get a reply from the Government officers that you can directly call to PIFRA’s support center by dialing +92- 51-9107248

Check www.agpunjab.gov.pk Pay Slip

Finally, the Government of Punjab has also started the service to obtain income slip online. Now you can easily get your payment slip online without standing in the long waiting lines or queues by simply registering yourself with the Government of Punjab’s website to get your earnings slip every month right in your email box. The emolument slips are just one click away from you.

Ag Sindh Pay Slip

Just like the Punjab and Federal, the Sindh government has also developed the system to provide payment slips online for your salary. You need to register with the Sindh government’s website and fill all the details. Once you successfully complete the registration process, you will start getting your payment slip directly in your Email from the next month.

Getting Pay Slips of Teachers

The payment slip is now available for teachers as well. Govt teachers can register with an online system and get their salary slips through emails every month.

Because the teachers also fall into the category of government employees, so will also get the same allowances and benefits as the other govt employees get.

Check PIFRA Bill Status Online

Now with PIFRA, you can easily check your Tender Bill Status Online and can easily track it. This Billing status is a financial allowance request to the govt by the Government contractor. Without approval of the PIFRA bill, the contractor can’t complete projects.

So, you if you have requested a bill and you are still waiting for the approval, you can check its status online through PIFRA’s official website’s link mentioned above.

There are two ways to check the status of your bill.

  1. Using the Online System
  2. Through the Text Messages

Online Bill Status Check

If you are looking for checking the status of your bill then you can check it online easily by visiting http://m.pifra.gov.pk/# and check your bill.

  • Just make sure to check the official website’s link from both mobile and laptop, so you don’t get confused with the link.

Check Status using SMS Service

  • Go to your SMS message option.
  • Write your Token Number
  • Write Government Code & District Code
  • Send it to 0514710910

Facilities of PIFRA

So, by now you are fully aware of the importance of this project, now it’s important that you get to know the facilities that comes with this program.

Let’s go through the list.

  • Find Salary/Pension Slip Online

Without the hassle of standing in the long lines, you can get the slip in your Email account.

  • Get your Bill Summary & Full Report

Easily get your bill summary and full details report every month in your mailbox.

  • Check out DDO Budget Statement

The system also provides you a complete statement of the DDO budget on their website. You can also download it in PDF/CVS and XL format.

  • PIFRA Vendor Details

PIFRA also starts a vendor system which helps you to check all the details of the vendor. Additionally, you can also use the app for this purpose.

  • Check Budget Implementation Reports

You can check your department’s complete budget report and there are all facts and figures available to check as well.

  • Track your Bill Payment Claims

This program is an easy way to keep an eye on your all bill payment claims. Check the claims and see if they are approved or not.

PIFRA Contact Number

What’s more? If you still having any issue regarding account creation or having a problem with getting your payroll slip, you can get in touch with PIFRA at any time. Feel free to call them or send them an Email stating all the details about your issue.

Go with either way, that’s convenient for you. But a phone call is the fastest mode of communication, because you will get instant support, and don’t have to wait for an email’s response which may take 1 to 2 days.

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: 051-9107248

Timing: Monday to Friday- 9 am to 5 pm

Register Form: Visit Here to fill the form online.

Address: ABS Directorate, AGPR Complex, G-8/4 Islamabad.

If you have any queries, Contact here

Web Administrator

Raheel Ejaz
PIFRA AGPR Complex, G-8/4 Islamabad.

Tel: 92 51 910 7246
Fax: 92 51 910 7250
Email: [email protected]


What Kind of Allowances are?

There are many types of allowance that the employee gets every month.

  • Eduction Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance
  • Overtime Allowance

What is a Govt. Basic Salary?

The basic salary is a fixed amount that the institute pays you. Besides that, the employee also gets some extra benefits which include home, medical, and education allowance, etc.

How Can I Get Old Payslips?

If you are an old member then you can get the slip from your mailbox. But if you are a newly registered member then you need to contact your institute or company to get the previous month’s slip.

Get in Touch with PIFRA

If you have any issue or problem, you can easily get in touch with PIFRA though their offical number. Simply call them at 051-9107248

Why I am not Getting PIFRA Salary Slips

This is happen sometime due to the system problem. We are really sorry that you are not getting a monthly slip but don’t worry. It will be sent to you for sure. The delays are possible because of the system problem or delays in the auditing.

Can I Get My Payslip Online?

Yes, of course, you can easily get the slip online if you are a Government servant. The slip will available every month. Simply check your email account that you register with PIFRA and check the slip.

How to Change Email ID on PIFRA?

If in case your current Email stop working or want to change it for any reason, you can do that. Call to PIFRA support center by dialing at +92- 51-9107248 and ask them for Email ID changing.

Can you get copies of Pay Slips?

Yes, of course, you can make as many copies as you want. Just open the mailbox, download the payslip and print out it.

If you don’t have a printer then simply download it and copy into your USB drive. Go to any photocopier shop and ask for print.

Salary Slip not Received?

You don’t need to be panic because sometimes it takes little more time to appear in your mailbox. The ideal time is 2 or 3 days to arrive the salary slip in your mail account. However, if the salary slip didn’t come for a whole week pass then you need to contact with PIFRA to arise your problem.

What is a salary statement?

The salary statement is a payslip that you get from the Government of Pakistan every month. It has mention the total amount paid to the employee under the employment contract in the course of the past three, six or one calendar year.

What is salary pay slip?

A salary pay slip is just like a bank statement which has mention the record of your salary.

How do I check my Payslip online?

With PIFRA, you can check your payslip online by using their website. Every month you will get the slip at the mail address that you provide to PIFRA.

What is PIFRA Stands for?

PIFRA stands for Project to improve financial reporting and auditing.

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