Pay Slips of Teachers is Available Online

Pay Slips of Teachers

PIFRA finally started payslips for teachers in Punjab, KPK, Sindh, and Balochistan. Teachers from all these provinces are now able to get their slips online. They don’t need to go to their regional office to collect it. Both male and female teachers having problems getting their slip. They have to visit their relative office which … Read more

PIFRA Position Code


The government of Pakistan has now taken its payroll system and their allocated budgets to an online system to ensure effectiveness, transparency, and to have strong control over the elimination of ghost employees. Every department and its DDOs are given specific codes to check the staff strength and the budget allocated to them online known … Read more

How To Unsubscribe PIFRA Registration Online


Pakistan’s Govt inaugurates its new policy to facilitate its employees by getting allow them to Unsubscribe PIFRA Registration using an online system. Before this important project, people on large scale faced difficulty to have their payments clear for them. For this purpose, the Govt of Pakistan has initiated the project so that its employees could … Read more

How to Get Salary Slip Online


The main goal of this site to give proper guidance to the Government employees of Pakistan with the process of creating accounts with PIFRA ( Project for the Improvement of Financial Reporting & Auditing (Pakistan). PIFRA is a WELFARE program that introduces for Government Employees of Pakistan for maintaining their finance and auditing systems online. … Read more

PIFRA DDO Budget Exp 2021


Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing (PIFRA) was introduced to improve and enhance the financial and auditing system in Pakistan. The total estimated cost for the PIFRA DDO budget exp 2021 project is approximately Rs. 5,533 Million which tantamounts to the scale of this project to provide transparency, effectiveness, and efficiency in financial management. … Read more

PIFRA DDO Monthly Expenditure 2021


FABS has also categorized the DDO Ber budget and allocation system on monthly basis through PIFRA DDO Monthly Expenditure. Here the Drawing and Disbursing officers or Government employees can acquire the monthly expenditure and budget allocation report for the dedicated subject. From the start of the year, DDO’s and Government employees have to submit the … Read more