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The government of Pakistan has now taken its payroll system and their allocated budgets to an online system to ensure effectiveness, transparency, and to have strong control over the elimination of ghost employees.

Every department and its DDOs are given specific codes to check the staff strength and the budget allocated to them online known as the POSITION CODES.

Switching a Manual to Computerized Budgeting System:

Evolving is certainly important to keep yourself up to date and for so, it was essential to change a manual budgeting system into an automated digital system to keep a track of the assigned budget by positioning codes accordingly.

As previously with meager resources and manual bookkeeping it was difficult to maintain records and expenditure of the amount allotted to each department and employees.

The government of Pakistan has diverged the system and put on ease on Government employees by creating an online portal.

Allocated Position Codes:

The government of Pakistan has allocated specific codes to each department under federal and provincial domains by effectuating its departmental managers and by assigning position codes to avoid swindling.

The government of Pakistan has integrated payroll strength with budgeted positions through position-coding to ensure accuracy of strength, designation, and BPS

Uses of Position Code:

There are significant benefits of diverging into a computerized system and keeping a track of accounting and employee (Government Staff) records online. The following of them are listed below.

  • Official Staff Strength (Area Wise)
  • Tender Expenditure
  • Designation ID’s

Official Staff Strength & Expenditure:

Positioning the code specifically to the respective departments working under government and provincial domains.

Now, it’s easy for area managers to keep track of the strength of the office employees working under their domain. PIFRA has made it effectively easy to identify the external cost incurred due to redundant expenses and duplicity.

How to Check Position Codes on PIFRA Portal

We are going to explain how you can retrieve the position code of the respective DDO below:

  • Visit the website http://m.pifra.gov.pk/ddops#, the following page will appear:
  • Enter the government code.
  • Enter the respective DDO code in the DDO code field.
  • Click the search button.
  • A list of employees related to the respective DDO will open.
  • You can view their positions, name, grades, and job description.

This report helps you identify the number of employees for a particular district. The disbursements according to the grades can be monitored. DDOs can view and check the entitlement of allowances for every grade.

It will help in the identification of persons working in government offices but are not on payroll such as ghost employees which was a big issue in Pakistan.

Now the government employees can have their travel allowances disbursed according to their entitlement, previously they had to wait for a long time to claim their expenses due to manual procedures, and many times they had to face unnecessary rejections.

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