PIFRA Bill Tracking System to Check Bill Status

PIFRA has another great service called PIFRA bill status that can access using the bill tracking system. It is integrated with the Financial Management Information System(IFMIS) that runs from Government offices.

Just like PIFRA’s other services such as DDO Budget and online payment receipt, The bill status also works in an almost similar manner.

But it isn’t for salary employees. It is designed for Federal AG’s and DA Offices. So if you are a Govt employee and fall in the AG’s and DA office category then you can take benefit from this service.

PIFRA Bill Tracking System to Check Bill Status

Additionally, PIFRA has provided you with tracking of the bill status of your Tender online. If you already apply for any Govt Tender then you can use their system to check your bill online.

PIFRA Bill Tracking System

The system works with login and you need to register. If you are already a member of PIFRA then you don’t need to register. To register, just visit Pifra.gov.pk and see the details.

Whenever Govt introduces a new project, many contractors apply to it. They can’t start a project without getting approval from PIFRA. You should need to approve the project before completing it.

For this whole process, you of course need to request a bill and after that, you need to wait for the status. This status update is on PIFRA’s official online system where you can check it.

Track Your Pifra Bill Status via SMS

PIFRA provides an easy way to check your Vendor Number. You can easily check your Tender status by using two different methods. The first method work with the Online Tracking system and you need to go to their online website to check the status. Another method is by using their SMS tracking system. You can use anyone and track your bill status.

By using the SMS method, you need the following information for tracking Tender bill status via phone.

  • Government Code
  • District ID or Code
  • Token Number
  • PIFRA online Token Tracking Mobile Number: 0514710910

For Govt employee Convenience, this system is perfect for those who don’t have internet access. Many old-age employees don’t know about technology or can’t use a computer. If you are one of them then you can simply text the required info and know the ranking of your bill.

Tracking Bill Status Online

If you don’t want to use SMS service or having any problems then you can use their online system that is designed to help you quickly track bill status.

It is a free-of-cost service and you can access it as many times as you want. Normally it updates almost every week. So if you didn’t find the status of your bill then keep checking in the upcoming days.

Sometimes it takes more time to update the status of the contractor. This can happen due to work overload.

By just putting in a few important pieces of information, you can easily access your bill. You need some information to put that you require for SMS. So to track the bill, follow these simple steps:

  • First, go to http://pifra.gov.pk/search.php
  • Now you need to Enter Govt Code
  • In the District field, add your ID
  • Add your Token Number
  • Hit the Search button and see the result.
  • That’s it.

Still, having a problem? If so then get in touch with them through call, Email, or need to visit their office. You can also comment and I will try to help you.

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