DDO Ber Check Budget 2022 – 2023 Monthly Expenditure Online

DDO Ber is an online Budget execution system that works on a monthly basis. Both the drawing and distributing Government employees and officers can acquire the monthly expenditure and budget distribution report for the dedicated matters. In order to maintain the monthly expenditure, you and Govt need to submit their monthly expenditure reports.

With the assistance of the DDO system, you can easily get all the information about your pay. Additionally, you will get the details of your monthly compensations PIFRA Salary Pay Slip, Monthly bills, and Pifra registration 2021. It also includes audits and training remittances. All of these services’ main goal is to provide budget details and work to employees with the minimum of fuss.

DDO Ber Check Budget 2022 - 2023 Monthly Expenditure Online

PIFRA DDO Wise Budget – DDO Ber

The DDO wise budget is based on monthly terms so it is the duty of the DDO ber to submit its monthly expenditure reports to the higher authorities. These reports are generated according to rules set by the Finance division and Budget division of Pakistan.

As for the acquisition of the Pifra DDO budget expenditure, the Govt employee necessities is a DDO code that they can use to get the report easily. They can check the report by visiting the official website of FABS.

PIFRA DDo Budget Exp 2021 – Monthly Guide


  • Go to the services tab
  •  Click on “EXECUTION REPORT EXPENDITURE” to see the details of the report.


DDO Budget Monthly Wise

DDO is a Drawing & Disbursing Officer who provides you employee code that enables you to find your budget information. Any DDO Ber assigns a unique code given by its employee’s sector or department. This ber code consists of 6 characters. The first two characters of the department code are alphabets and the remaining four will be your employee code number.

The DDO code isn’t available to the public and it’s only for DDO officers. By using this employee code, the department officer can use the PIFRA official website and make their budget and expenditures according to their requirements.

Furthermore, you can also register with Pifra by filling out the PIFRA registration form online.

Details of the PIFRA Code List

PIFRA already listed it’s all the codes and you can easily get access to them. what you need to do to visit the official website of FABS at www.fabs.gov.pk. If you want to access the report you need to follow these steps:

  • Tap to Services
  • Click on Budget Execution Report
  • Now it will open a website http://m.pifra.gov.pk/DDODB.

Sometimes FABS website goes down and not working. if such is the case then you can open the PIFRA DDO link directly by put this link (http://m.pifra.gov.pk/DDODB) into your Firefox or Chrome browser.

Government Code

There are around 12 different provinces in Pakistan. Each province has its own unique code. This code is specified by the Federal Government of Pakistan. This code helps you to find the DDO location. You can easily know in which province DDO is from. For instance, if you are an employee of Balochistan then you should need to enter “B”. Alike, if you are from Gilgit-Baltistan then you need to input the letter “GB”.

Following is the list of Government codes.

  • F = Federal
  • N = KP Govt
  • S = Sindh,
  • B = Balochistan,
  • P = Punjab
  • DGP = District Govt Punjab
  • K = Kashmir
  • DGN = District Govt KP
  • K = Kashmir
  • GB = Gilgit-Baltistan
  • GBC = GB Council
  • C = Kashmir Council.

DDO Code

After ending the province code now you need to enter the DDO code. We already provided complete detail on “DDO Budget Month Wise” here to know more about it. But here just want to tell you that it’s a unique code for each employee which isn’t for the public. This code is 6 digit DDO code with a combination of letters and numbers.

After putting both Government and DDO codes, you can get the budget details. simply add both values and hit on the search button. And now you will have the whole online budget execution status.

That’s the complete guide for you as a part of PIFRA DDO Ber. You can quickly discover the data with a full report. PIFRA is expanding the plan to improve its system and make it easier for employees and officers. You can convince retrieve the PIFRA Pay slip guide here and know how you can collect it.

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