PIFRA Registration Form, Login and Online Salary Slip

PIFRA Registration is very important for all Govt employees if they need payslip online, check budget reports, financial details, employee salary information, and payroll distribution.

To register with the system, you will need to fully fill out the sign-up form online using your personal information. Let’s see how to complete PIFRA registration and fill out the registration form online.

FABS PIFRA Registration Online

The govt employee requires to full fill out the form online to complete their registration with PIFRA. You can also download the form and submit it manually to the office but it is a lengthy process and a waste of time.

Hence, it’s better you take full advantage of the online facility where you don’t need to go anywhere. You simply sit at your home and fully fill in your personal and few Govt provided information.

PIFRA Registration

How to Complete PIFRA Registration Online?

Gone are the days when you have to visit offices and stand in the waiting line for hours to get your salary slips.

The Government of Pakistan has made it easy for you to get your salary slips online with PIFRA. Just fill PIFRA registration form and get salary slips in your mailbox.

To register yourself with PIFRA you can either visit their online web portal at http://m.pifra.gov.pk/ or you can also visit the Fabs website and complete your registration online.

PIFRA Salary Slip Registration Web Page

  1. Open the official Fabs website at fabs.gov.pk
  2. There is a popup open with contact details, simply close it by clicking on the cross sign.
  3. Next, go to the “service ” tab on the top right.
  4. Now click on “Pension Slip/Salary slip Online”
  5. If it does not work for you then you can directly visit the Pifra Form website.

PIFRA Registration Form

PIFRA Registration Form
  • Here you will see a registration form that you need to fill out with your personal information.
  • Let’s start filling out the form by entering the Government Code.
  • Next, you need to enter your employee’s personal number.
  • After that, Enter Your CNIC or Old NIC with spaces or dash.
  • In the end, write the date of birth and cell number.

www pifra gov pk Pay Slip Registration

Till now you complete all the registration requirements but your registration is still incomplete and you need to follow a few further steps to submit it.

  1. Once you fill in all the information and click on Submit button you will see a notice “Please verify all information provided in this form”
  2. Simply click on this notification message and it will ask you to enter your email address.
  3. Provide the valid email address and also enter the same email in the confirmation email field.
  4. Now press Enter from keyword to submit the form. There isn’t any button available for submitting the form.
  5. Now your form is submitted to PIFRA high authority official and once it is approved, your PIFRA account will be activated.

PIFRA Registration Login

PIFRA Registration Login

After approval of the account, you will give access to the PIFRA web portal where you can manage your account, see salary slips, update information, check reports and find financial details.

If you have forgotten your password, click on Forgot Password link and enter the email address which is registered with us, and then click on the “Forgot Password” button.

Moreover, you will get your payslip in your registered email every month. You can download and print the slip. The slip will be an electronic document that will have all the details such as total pay, tax deduction, medical allowance, insurance amount, and many more. 

PIFRA Registration Form Download

The Fabs (Financial Accounting & Budgeting System) is offer the facility to download the registration form online. You can fill out that form and submit it to the Fabs office for account activations and approval.

You can easily download the form from Fab’s website at fabs.gov.pk. You can get the form by going to the top menu and clicking on the Nutrition Reports tab. It will smooth scroll down you to the reports section.

Here you will see all the reports and forms in PDF format that you can download. To download the registration form, simply click on “SAP-Logical Access Request Form” and get a copy of the form.

Pifra.gov.pk for Salary Registration

As you were able to reach the form area to register for the payslip, now you need to understand what information you require to fully fill out the form. Well, we are going to list out all the things in the below list so you don’t have any issues while doing the registration for your payroll program.

  • Employee Government Code
  • The employee’s full name
  • The number on a digital national ID card
  • The birth date
  • Employee’s mobile phone number
  • Gmail email ID registration
  • Personal Number

Once you have all the above-mentioned information ready, then you can go for the final steps.

How to Register Email in PIFRA

The account creation with PIFRA is only possible if you have a Gmail account. So you should sign up with Google email and create your account in your personal name. Make sure your Gmail account is fully active and verify though phone number.

If you don’t know how to make an account with Gmail then simply type “Google Gmail” and click on the “Inbox by Gmail” link. You can also directly visit https://gmail.google.com/inbox/ and click on the “Try the new Gmail” button to start creating a new account.

PIFRA Registration App

It is good news for all Govt employees that they can now make their accounts using Android and as well as iOS apps. You can install their app from Google or the iOS play store.

You can also use their mobile-ready URL at http://m.pifra.gov.pk to register. This URL is fully responsive and works well on all devices. You will ask for the same information that is asked on the computer or desktop.

PIFRA Registration Unsubscribe

Needless to say, you can also unsubscribe from the PIFRA mailing list. The reason can be that you can’t access your Gmail account or you left the government job. You can remove yourself from the email list.

In order to unsubscribe from the salary slip list, you need to follow the steps. There are two ways to subscribe. The first one is by calling and the other one is through email.

Phone Call Method

Phone Call Agent
  1. Call the official helpline at 0092-51-9107248.
  2. Tell them the details and ask them to stop emailing payrolls.

Email Method

  1. Open Gmail and send an email to unsubscribe@pifra.gov.pk.
  2. Write the subject “I don’t want to get salary emails anymore.”
  3. Explain your issue in detail and why you don’t need a slip from next month.
  4. Make sure to include your name, employee code, and personal information.
  5. Sent it and wait for a reply which will come soon.


In conclusion, I hope you will be able to create an account with the PIFRA by filling out the registration form online. If you face any problems in creating an account or paying slip, then you can contact the support team at PIFRA, or you can also ask our team by posting comments below.

This forum will help you with any issues you have with registration or getting the slip. We built this forum for all government employees for their convenience.

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