How to Fill PIFRA Registration Form & Register Email

Still, waiting to receive your salary slip for October 2021?

Now, you don’t have to!

Gone are the days when you have to visit offices and stand in the waiting line for hours to get your salary slips. The Government of Pakistan has made it easy for you to get your salary slips online with PIFRA. Just fill PIFRA registration form and get salary slips in your mailbox.

A project of Financial Reporting and Auditing (PIFRA) is an online payslip registration program introduced by the Government of Pakistan to facilitate government employees. With PIFRA, any government employee can create an account online and receive their salary slips via registered email.

You can download and print your salary slips from email anytime- without waiting for weeks or months.

PIFRA Registration Requirements

The Process of registration with PIFRA is easy and takes only a few minutes. You’ll have to provide some personal details to complete the registration process, such as:

  1. Employee’s Complete Name (as per written on CNIC)
  2. National ID Card Number (as issued by Nadra)
  3. Date of Birth (as per written on CNIC)
  4. Employee’s Personnel Number
  5. User’s Government Code
  6. Email Address You want to Register (must be Gmail account)
  7. Mobile Phone Number

Step by Step Process to Register an Email with PIFRA

Now that you have the above things ready, you can start the registration process by following these steps.

Note: PIFRA payslip registration system is only for government employees of Pakistan.

Step #1.

Go to the Website of PIFRA by visiting

Step #2.

Now PIFRA salary slip registration page will open. You’ll see a form on your screen as shown in the screenshot below.

Fill PIFRA registration form by providing all required details, i.e.,

Government Code

Government code is nothing complicated so you don’t have to be confused about it. It is a code that represents your province/area of employment such as Sindh, Punjab, Kashmir, etc.

A list of codes is given at the top of the registration form. See the screenshot below:

Enter the code of your province/area such as “F” for Federal, “B” for Baluchistan, “C” for Kashmir Council, and so on. Make sure to enter the correct code.

Employee Personal Number

Enter the employee personal number that is issued to you by the employer. You can find this number on your old salary slips.

CNIC Number

Enter your Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) Number issued by Nadra.

Date of Birth

Enter your correct date of birth as written on your CNIC number.

Cell Number

Enter the cell number registered on your name.

Step #3.

After filling out the form, hit the verification button and the system will show you if the information provided is correct.

If there appear any errors, correct the information, or provide any missing details. Then click again the verification button.


Note: If the provided information is correct but the system is not accepting it, you should first proceed to alter the information through your Drawing and Distribution Officer (DDO).

Step #4.

After verification of information, you can now proceed to registration. The system will read that your entered details are correct and a new button will appear reading “click here for registration.”

Click the button to proceed further. A screenshot is attached below.


Step #5.

A new tab will open, asking you to enter the email address you want to register. Enter a valid email address and repeat the same email address for confirmation (both email addresses must match).

Note: You must enter the Gmail address. No other email accounts are accepted.


Note: You must press the “Enter” key on the computer or “Go” button on your mobile to continue the registration process.

Step #6.

Your screen will read “Now it is all ok, please click the submit button.” So, simply click the button (as shown in the screenshot below) and you are all done.


Congrats! Your email is registered. Now you’ll receive your monthly salary slips on your registered email.

How to Confirm Email Registration with PIFRA?

After registering your email with PIFRA, you can always confirm it. For this, go back to and again fill the PIFRA registration form with previous details. Click on the verification button and the system will show a message verifying that you are already registered.

If you don’t see the message, it means you are not registered and you’ll have to repeat the steps above to complete the registration.

When Will I Get the Salary Slips?

If you register in the current month, you will start getting salary slips in your mailbox from the start of next month. For example, if you register in September 2020, you’ll receive the first online salary slip in the initial days of October 2020.

Make sure to open your Gmail account registered with PIFRA and look for salary slip mails in your inbox. If you don’t see the salary slip in your inbox, make sure to check the “spam” folder.

How to Change the Registered Email Address?

If you have registered with a wrong email address or you want to alter the registered email address, you can easily do this.

For this, call at 0092-51-9107248 or email at Mention your personal mobile number, date of birth, CNIC number, wrong/old email address, and new email address in your email body. You will probably get a response within 24 to 48 hours and a representative will speak with you to resolve the issue.

Can Private Employees Register with PIFRA?

This online salary slip generation is only for the government employees of Pakistan. If you are an employee of a private company, make sure to ask your employer for payslips. Most private companies have their own online payslip generation system so you can use that to get your payslips online.

Can I Unsubscribe PIFRA Registration?

PIFRA also offer faclity to remove your registration. Now you can unsubscribe PIFRA at any time. It is needed if you left the Government job and you don’t want to get these salary slip emails anymore then you can simply subscibe it.

To make this happen is pretty simple and easy to do

There are two methods for subscription, One requesting through Email and other one via phone call.

Phone Call Method

  1. Pickup your phone and simply dial 0092-51-9107248
  2. Talk with them and ask them to stop emailing him about payrolls.

Email Method

  1. Open your register Gmail account and Write an email at
  2. Simply mention your issue in Subject line like “ I don’t want to get salary emails”
  3. Write your name, employee code and all important information and send it.


To sum it up, PIFRA has made it easy for all government employees to generate their payslips online without any hassle. The Government of Pakistan, indeed, has done a good job of creating an online payslip generation system to facilitate public employees.

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