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The main objective of creating this website is to help and give a guideline to Government employees of Pakistan with the process of registration with the Government’s official WELFARE program which is PIFRA ( Project for the Improvement of Financial Reporting & Auditing (Pakistan).

PIFRA is the project of the Government of Pakistan that helps and facilitates the employees by bringing the finance and auditing system online.

PIFRA (Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing (Pakistan).


Getting connect with PIFRA online system but many Government employees don’t have the process of registration. But here we will provide the latest updates and guidelines to employees to become a part of this online system.

We are here to provide all the required information to our site users so they can easily be part of PIFRA. We are committed to update our site visitors and do update our site from time to time so you can get the latest information about the system.

As the Government of Pakistan shares important information about the system, we do update our site. We always instantly publish the updates on our blog so the site visitors can get the maximum benefits.

PIFRA isn’t a small project. It’s quite big and has a lot of features. One of the major features is improving the financial reporting and auditing system of Pakistan. Government of Pakistan trying to put all the fiance and auditing-related information online so everyone can easily access it.

We are all thankful to the Government of Pakistan who shares such beneficiary information with its employees. The project is the wellness of employees but some of the employees find it hard due to its infrastructure and they can’t get register with the beneficial program.

The point is not to understand the system is because of a lack of guidelines. They bring the official website with integrated software for an employee to register but there aren’t any details on how to complete the process. Even no daily updates are available there.

The main problem with the system is they didn’t mention what to provide and what not to provide to become a part of this project.

But you don’t need to worry we are here to help you with PIFRA so you can get the monthly salary slip in your email inbox directly.

We are trying our level best to explain and clarify all the instructions which you employee needed to become part of the online PIFRA system.

About Me

Hi ​Friend,

My Name is Muhammad Sarim the founder of Pifraslip.pk.

I am a software engineer by profession but blogging is my passion. I love to write, guide and help people around the world.

I have been doing blogging since 2015 and doing web development for the past 10 years. Also established a few digital online businesses and my success is nowhere hidden from my social community.

I am passionate about sharing my all learnings and experiences of Blogging but this blog is about helping Government employees get their payment, salary, and passion slips in a digital way.

A lot of people having many issues regarding the payroll slip. They are registered but not able to get the slip. In this website/blog, I will share some important details, and guidelines to properly register and get a slip at home.

If you are curious about my birthplace then I am coming from Islamabad, Pakistan.

Who we are?

Pifraslip is a website for everyone to gain information and news about Project for the Improvement of Financial Reporting & Auditing (Pakistan).

We are here not just as a website but provide you with all important and relative tips and ideas about your payroll.

It is like a community for everyone around the world not restricted to anyone. Here we present ourselves in front of people like a place filled with information, knowledge, and many useful tips.

Our goal is to attract and have users from all over Pakistan to help them gain more and more knowledge.


Our website was founded Started on 25 January 2020 and since then we have been helping out people solve their problems with pension, payment slips, registration, Financial Reporting & Auditing.

Our purpose is to solve each and every query from the users and help them to get their documents at home. They don’t need to go to the office.

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You can ask anything on this blog that bothering you, we will do our best to help you out.

Your comments or questions are of course most welcome.

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