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AGP stands for Accountant General Punjab which helps employees for managing all kinds of payments. This government office handles the general fund, payslips, payrolls, pensions, and funds for employees of the government of Punjab. All of these payment-related issues are very implement and there should not be any mistakes so they handle them with care. They maintain the payment system perfectly so every employee doesn’t have an issue while getting the record slips.

AG Punjab working to manage the monthly and year payments and also manage the combination of accounts for annual and monthly systems. By doing so, employees like you can easily download the Pay Slip without having any issues.

AG managing multiple payments at the time and they keep processing, calculating, and regulate the payment so if they make any kind of mistake there is no way to recover it. So it’s important for Ag to keep the process easy to use and easy access for employees.

To reduce the chances of omissions, AG Punjab needs to do an audit of many internal sections so the system runs successfully.

Features of Accountant General Punjab Service

Accountant General Punjab Service

It works to assurance of General provident fund of all employees and also gives advances as well. All the money and found are held by Ag Punjab office and here they maintain it.

The types of funds are fresh retirement, in-service death cases, Direct Credit System (DCS), old employee pensions, and they are sent to the employee’s bank accounts every month or annually.

For the perfect payslip or payroll distribution, AG Punjab uses the SAP system which is a german based accounting software that handles all the salary slips of employees.

How to Receive PIFRA Salary Slip on


PIFRA main role in AG Punjab is to send the salary slip to employees who are members of the program. The workers who are already members of this program can get the slip by following these steps:

  1. Open a web browser and visit or you can also directly go to PIFRA official website.
  2. Next, you need to log in but if you are a new employee then you need to create an account with PIFRA in order to get the payroll slip.
  3. To complete the registration process you need to visit the official site and then follow the salary slip section.
  4. You need to fill up the foam with complete details.
  5. Add your full name, address, phone number, ID card number, email address, employee code, and provincial code.
  6. Finally, you simply submit the form and wait for the approval.
  7. Within few days or a week, you will get a confirmation email from Pifra about the successful registration with the program.

How to get Teachers Payslip Online?

Just like other Govt employees gets the slips, the teachers will also receive a payslip by AG Punjab. All the employees belong to the Punjab division will get the salary slip from

But the process of registration and account management is the same as PIFRA. Because everything handles by one software that is SAP so you make sure you have an account with PIFRA to get the payment slip.

All the teachers from all over the Panjab can download payroll from their email inbox and they don’t need to visit the Ag office or any other department. Just sit back at home and wait for slip arrival.

Accountant Generals for Payrolls

The accountant generals of Panjab change from time to time. Here is a list of the last ten AG who was responsible for managing payrolls and paychecks.

Accountant General NamesService Year
Abdul Ghafoor KhanAug 13, 2020
Maqbool Ahmed GondhalMay 06, 2020
Shuja-Ud-Din ZakaOct 20, 2017
Karamat Hussain BokhariFeb 20, 2017
Zafar Hassan RezaSep 04, 2015
Imran IqbalJul 17, 2014
Syed Ghazanfar MehdiJun 27, 2014
M.S. Idrees TararAug 01, 2012
Ch. Muhammad AslamNov 28, 2011
Muhammad Jamil BhattiJan 04, 2010


Whether you are from Islamabad or Panjab, getting a salary slip is very easy now and you can get it online. You don’t need to stand in a long queue or goes to AG Panjab Office. Just make an online account and get the slip in your mailbox. All you have is a smartphone or a laptop with an internet connection to receive the slips.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Asslam Alaikum: Sir i am working as Junior Clerk in my accounts Branch Agriculture Research Department. from some days nothing show DDO BER on web. page. please tell about this how to look our monthly budget and Expenditure ddo wise. Thanking you.

  2. I am trying to register myself for receiving my pension slip by email, but the PIFRA and FABs websites can not be reached to download the Registration Form. Please help me.

  3. Assalmu Alie kum Sr I am Trying to regestrate me in pifra procedure for receive my salry slip but I am unable get registration form plz help me at this matter thank you..

  4. I am trying to register myself for receiving my salary slip by email, but the PIFRA and FABs websites can not be reached to download the Registration Form. Please help me.


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