How To Unsubscribe PIFRA Registration Online

Pakistan’s Govt inaugurates its new policy to facilitate its employees by getting allow them to Unsubscribe PIFRA Registration using an online system.

Before this important project, people on large scale faced difficulty to have their payments clear for them. For this purpose, the Govt of Pakistan has initiated the project so that its employees could get the slips easily and without any investment of time.

This program is started to facilitate Gov servants, employees, and officials by making sure that their monthly payments could be received by them on their doorstep. so many segments like doctors engineers teachers etc could be able to receive their slips in their mailbox every month.

The method to receive payments is so easy that anyone can get their slips by just registering on the PIFRA official website providing important information that would be required by the Institution.

I have just thought about PIFRA and its essential requirement for employees and retired persons. Now I want to elaborate on how anyone can unsubscribe from PIFRA registration online.

A few words about Unsubscription

After receiving a lot of comments, messages, and E-mails, I thought to write something about the unsubscription of PIFRA online registration. So, I decided to write a post on how to Unsubscribe PIFRA Registration. I would like to tell you that it’s quite simple and anyone who is a Gov employee or a retired official can do so upon its own behalf.

You don’t need to worry because in this post I am going to elaborate on all the important points which you need to understand if you want to proceed with PIFRA. Remember, PIFRA provides all the solutions which you should know to avoid any kind of inconvenience about online receiving your payments.

There are two kinds of methods to unsubscribe from PIFRA. One is to simply visit their site and follow the given instructions and the other one is to send them an Email by providing all the details about your occupation. Furthermore, they will proceed with the desired results.

As you know that you can easily register yourself on PIFRA official website by entering your name, E-mail ID, and a few other important information. After adding details, the job holder can easily process the registration system. They can sign up not only to get pension slips but also get many updates and news related to their services.

Moreover, when you sign up, you make sure you should add a strong password. This is recommended to avoid hacking of your account and compulsory for data security.

How to unsubscribe from PIFRA online Registration

When you complete your registration on PIFRA, then you will start getting the slip every month. This slip not only for salary but also available for a pension. It mentions all the records including basic pay, home rent, taxes, and total amount.

You get this slip on your Google Mail account. But if you want to stop getting this slip then you can easily Unsubscribe to PIFRA. By doing this you will not get your slip.

Additionally, you can only unsubscribe if you already have an account. Also, if Govt job holders want to create a new account and they don’t want to continue with the previous account, then they have to first unsubscribe from the older account then create a new one.

So for any reason if you want to terminate your account then you need to follow few simple steps:

  • Visit PIFRA official website and that is:-
  • After that, It will redirect to their new website which is
  • Now, you can easily unsubscribe from a PIFRA account by clicking on the unsubscription link.

If the Gov official website is not working at a given time, then you can also follow the below-mentioned method and that is:

By Sending Email

You just need to send an email at [email protected] with complete details.

By Adding Details

Make sure that you need to add all the important information. write your message and add your complete name, contact no, Email address, and other related details.

Next Step

After sending an email you will get the notification within one day for unsubscription of your PIFRA account.

For Further Info

You can also contact the PIFRA official support center for further information or any kind of questions.

How to Unsubscribe From Salary Slip Email?

PIFRA also offers you a changing Email and forget password system. You can simply add your email address to get the new password. But if you want to change your Email then you need to email on [email protected]

Simply mention your personnel number and wrong email address and PIFRA will change it and notify you. It generally takes 24 hours but as you know the work of Govt always slow. So you should wait at least for a week.

That’s it.

Do you still have any issues? Do comment below and I will try my best to help you.

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  1. Dear Sir
    With due respect it is stated that there is problem in my account . I am not receiveing my pay slip via email plz recover my account.

  2. Sir mera salary slip is email par register hn use please finish kry apki boht mehrobani hogi Old gmail


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