PIFRA Salary Slip Online Registration for Payslip 2021

All the Pakistani Govt employees start facility to get Pifra Salary Slip online every month. For this month of the slip is just issued by Government of Pakistan to all it’s employees. If you are still awaiting to get it then make sure to get in touch with us. Additionally, the full payment details of all the employees are printed on your paystub.

Here is an overview of the table of content that you will see on your payment slip.

PIFRA Employee Pay Slip FormatDetails
Total Monthly SalaryThe total amount of earnings without any deductions.
CTC (Cost to Company )The total salary package of an employee.
HRA (House Rent Allowance)Payment details for house rent.
Tax DeductionThe deduction of the income tax from the total earning.
TDSTax deduction at source.
Employee NumberA unique number is issued to each employee from the department.
Head of Finance AuthoritiesController general of accounts Pakistan.
Nationality of EmployeePakistani employee.

Every Govt employee must need a monthly payslip to get this payment record. And PIFRA know the value of it and what’s the reason we always send slips to all of our employees every month. Regardless of which Govt sector you are working on. Whether you are a clerk, doctor, engineer, teacher, or bank officer, you will get your slip in your mailbox.

What is PIFRA?

Pifra Salary Slip Online 2020

There are some important components that you need to consider while working in any Govt sector. You will get an earning slip when you are hired on monthly basis and get cash every month. However, the proof of the earning will be given as a payment statement slip. You can keep it as a payment record and it will be in digit form.

Likewise, In Pakistan, we have an automatic online freeware that keeps a recording of each employee with all earnings. This program or application sends income slips to all the members of Govt and this is called PIFRA –  A Definition of Project to improve financial reporting and auditing.

Over and above, you should keep your wage slip with the care and use it as proof of your paid wage. Use it whenever need it.

Why We Need Wage Pay Slip?

A payment receipt is very important for every employee whether you are a Govt laborer or not. From time to time it needs for different purposes. For example, if you want to open a bank account then this slip going to play an important role. The bank officer will ask you for payment proof to open the bank account and you can give him this salary slip.

Similarly, if you are going outside the country then this slip also going to help you so it is important for you to keep each month’s salary slip. You should have all the recordings of your earing that you have made so far.

In this article, I am going to explain to you the real importance of the payrolls, different methods to get it, and a special guide for Pakistan employees who had an issue getting the salary slip online. Not only this but also explain to you the PIFRA in-depth details.

Let’s get started.

Way of Checking PIFRA Salary Slip Online?

Check Salary Slip Online

You can easily trackback your payment record slip by using the PIFRA Offical website. But if you don’t know how to get it or download then you can do that by exploring your registered Gmail account.

If you don’t have an account with PIFRA then you need to create one but with Gmail only because we only accept Gmail base email accounts due to security reasons. So keep in mind while doing registration.

As payslips are automatically delivered every month usually the first week of the month so keep track of your Gmail account. In any case, you haven’t received the slip statement for this month then immediately contact us at [email protected]

Checking wage slips online is quite easy and all you have to follow these steps.

  1. Open any web browser
  2. Now type Google Gmail or visit www.google.com/gmail
  3. After that Sign in to your account.
  4. Now check your inbox or type “PIFRA Salary Slip“ in the search bar.
  5. Have a look at all the results below.
  6. Finally, all of your income slips will be there.
  7. Check out your emolument slips and download the latest one.

PIFRA SAP Software (Systems, Applications, and Products)

PIFRA uses SAP software to take care of payment records and send slips to their employees. This software is quite capable to handle hundreds of millions of employees and sending emails without any error. SAP is an international Germany-based company that basic purpose is data management.

This corporation is designed to develop an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to manage the office payment details in banks, business management, companies, and Government offices. The Government of Pakistan also uses the ERP system to issue e-payslips to their employees.

PIFRA Salary Slip Enrolment Web Page

Without enrollment or registration with PFIRA, you will not able to get the payslip every month. So if you belong to any Pakistani institute you should get an account from PIFRA and for this, you need to register yourself.

If you are not familiar with registration requirements then you can check the above mention guideline.

What is a Salary Slip?

An earnings slip is just like a bank statement but the difference is, you have more details on the salary slip. You will now the all the expenses, taxes, rent payment, total income, etc. Every month you get the bank statement from your bank and similar you will get the salary slip from your finance authorities when you complete your duty and perform all of the given tasks.

It shows the details of employee’s wages with all the discounts, deductions, and gross income. The following are the some of details you may usually get in a slip. It can be different the account of job or scale.

  • Complete salary figure in PKR (Pakistani Rupees)
  • Any yearly tax deductions.
  • All allowance payments.
  • Overtime allowance
  • Medical allowance
  • Travel allowance
  • Monthly gratuity
  • Total Expenditure
  • Insurance Payment.

Types of PIFRA Online Payslip & Guide

Payslip is the most important thing that an employee gets after completing his work. Getting your slip online is now very easy due to SAP software. You can get all of your earning details through Gmail addresses.

If you are working with a private firm then you may face a different way to get your slip online. Every sector has a different system and uses different software to send the payment record slips.

However, for Gov workers, the method to get the emolument slip is just like 1,2,3 and done.

A simple thing you can do to get that small payment record document is:

  1. Open company official website or payroll service provider.
  2. Log in with your Employee ID and password given by the company.
  3. Or check your mailbox to get the wage slip.

Payslip is the most important thing that an employee wants to get payroll as soon as completing his work. Normally a Government Employee work from 8 AM to 4 PM from Monday to Friday. But the Private sector an employee works Monday to Saturday at the same timing.

This work routine is very hard and requires a lot of work to be done. It’s not easy to earn money whether you are a Govt employee or working or any private company. You need to put your full effort into earning money. Get up early in the morning and get ready for the job every day and then spend your all energy for a whole day isn’t a piece of cake.

However, there are three different kinds of payslips that you can check below.

  1. Employee Payment Slip
  2. Monthly Pay Slip
  3. PIFRA Salary Slip

Employee Payment Slip

We all are well aware that the employee pay stub is a receipt that every employee gets at the end of each month. This slip has mentioned the total amount that the company pays you with your name, address, phone number, taxes, and a few other important details.

Sometimes it can give every day, week, or monthly basis depending upon the type of job. Normally the Govt employee gets the slip the first week of each month.

Furthermore, the employee payslip is a complete record for an employee that he/she earns by doing this hard work for a whole month. A private or Govt company paid his employee the exchange for his experience and services for the company.

Monthly Pay Slip

A monthly pay-slip is only given after a complete month of 30 days cycle. They may get the payment and slip that he earns doing work for the company. The employee needs to wait for 30 days cycle before he gets paid.

All over the world including Pakistan, there is a monthly payment system that works. An employee gets the payment after completing his work.

PIFRA Salary Slip

PIFRA is the Pakistani Institute for finance authorities. It is an online system design by the Pakistani Federal Government for its contract and permanent employees. It is a very excellent initiative from the Government that helps its employees.

By using this system the employees don’t need to go to their offices to get the slip. They can get it by simply registering with PIFRA and get the payment slip online via Gmail.

All you have to fill up the payment slip registration form on the PIFRA official website. As you did the registration, you will be able to get the wage slip every month through the email you will provide them.

Different Salary Slip Format in Pakistan

In Pakistan, we have 2 essential formats of pay slips.

  1. Government Sector Pay Slip
  2. Private Sector Pay Slip

The Government Sector salary slip is only for permanent base Govt employees and Co-Workers. These permanent works are like teachers, clerks, doctors, police officers, army officers, judges, lawyers, technicians, etc. All of these attendants can get their payslips from Government.

On the other hand, we have private-sector employees who don’t have a permanent job in Government. They hired only for contract base job and these are can also teachers, doctors, linemen, etc. Such workers can also download the payroll from their email account.

In both sectors, Govt employees can get their payslip directly from their relative office or online as well. The best way to get the Government sector employee gets their payslip via email. This is because it is easy and convenient for them.

What to Do If you do not Receive PIFRA Salary Slip?

You haven’t get your PIFRA salary slip this month or the previous month? You simply go to the contact page of PIFRA and file your complaint and explain the matter. You can also wait for few more days but if you still didn’t receive Pifra salary slip it then you should make a p

www.agpunjab.gov.pk Pay Slip Registration

All the data is managed by AG Punjab (Account General of Punjab). They manage all the funds, accounts, and employee data. Therefore, all types of pensions, earnings, salary slips, and provincial funds are audited by AG Punjab only.

Furthermore, AG also handling the payrolls, bill status, vendor information, DDO budget, and many more. If you need more details, you can visit the official website for account general is www.agpunjab.gov.pk.

Listed Questions and Answers.

How can I find my salary slip?

  • Open your Gmail account
  • Click on the inbox folder
  • Open or download your slip and check it.

How to check my payslip on Pifra?

You can’t check the slip directly on the Pifra because they only send the e-slip into an employee email account.

How do I make a payslip online?

There are many toots available online where you can easily make your e-payslip. These are easy to use and all you have to enter details and your slip will be ready.

How do I get my previous month’s salary slip?

Simply search with date, month, and year and you will be able to find the previous month’s salary slip in your Gmail account.

Final Words

Payslip statement is important for every employee. It helps to maintain the record of the payment an employee gets from their company. so this is something you should care about it.

I hope this post helps you a lot and gives you clear instructions about the payslip and you will be able to find your salary slip online. Let us know your issues, problem, or have suggestions in the below comment section.

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