PIFRA Salary Slip – Get Payslip Online 2021

Govt Employee starts the facility to get Pifra Salary Slip online every month. The monthly pay slip is a payment record of any employee who is working for a company of the Government of Pakistan.

The salary slip defines who is working and where he is working. It also included the time period of working and payment per month he/she earns.

A payment slip is very important for every employee. From time to time it needs for different purposes. For example, if you want to open a bank account then this slip going to play an important role. The bank officer will ask you for payment proof to open the bank account and you can give him this salary slip.

Similarly, if you are going outside the country then this slip also going to help you so it is important for you to keep each month’s salary slip. You should have all the recordings of your earing that you have made so far.

In this article, I am going to explain to you the real importance of the pay slip, different methods to get it, and a special guide for Pakistan employees who had an issue to get the salary slip online. Not only this but also explain to you the PIFRA in-depth details.

Let’s get started.

Different Salary Slip Format in Pakistan

There are two different types of formats of salary slips in Pakistan. One is called the Private sector salary slip format and another one is the Government sector salary slip format.

The private sector is a kind of slipe which only for contract basic employees of Pakistan Government Whease the Government sector slip is for permanent employee of Pakistan.

In both sectors, Govt employees can get their pay slip directly from their relative office or online as well. The best way to get the Government sector employee gets their payslip via email. This is because it easy and convenient for them.

Types of PIFRA Payslip & Guide

Payslip is the most important thing that an employee gets after completing his work. Normally a Government Employee work from 8 AM to 4 PM from Monday to Friday. But the Private sector an employee works Monday to Saturday with the same timing.

This work routine is very hard and requires a lot of work to be done. It’s not easy to earn money whether you are a Govt employee or working or any private company.

You need to put your full effort into earning money. Get up early in the morning and get ready for the job every day and then spend your all energy for a whole day isn’t a piece of cake.

There are three different types of payslips. Let’s have a look at each one in detail.

  1. Employee Payment Slip
  2. Monthly Pay Slip
  3. PIFRA Salary Slip

Employee Payment Slip

We all are well aware that the employee pay slip is a receipt that every employee gets at the end of each month. This slip has mentioned the total amount that the company pays you with your name, address, phone number, taxes, and a few other important details.

Sometimes it can give every day, week, or monthly basis depending upon the type of job. Normally the Govt employee gets the slip the first week of each month.

Furthermore, the employee payslip is a complete record for an employee that he/she earns by doing this hard work for a whole month. A private or Govt company paid his employee the exchange for his experience and services for the company.

Monthly Pay Slip

A monthly pay slip only given after a complete month of 30 days cycle. They may get the payment and slip that he earns doing work for the company. The employee needs to wait for 30 days cycle before he gets paid.

All over the world including Pakistan, there is a monthly payment system that works. An employee gets the payment after completing his work.

PIFRA Salary Slip

PIFRA is the Pakistani Institute for finance authorities. It is an online system design by the Pakistani Federal Government for its contract and permanent employees. It is a very excellent initiative from the Government that helps its employees.

By using this system the employees don’t need to go to their offices to get the slip. They can get it by simply registering with PIFRA and get the payment slip online via Gmail.

All you have to fill up the payment slip registration form on the PIFRA official website. As you did the registration, you will able to get the wage slip every month through the email you will provide them.

How to Check PIFRA Pay Slip Online?

You can easily check the pay slip online by using the PIFRA official website. You can go to their website and put your email to check the slip. If you are not registered with PIFRA then first you need to create an account to check the slip.

How to Register with PIFRA Pay Slip System?

We already explain the complete process of registering with the PIFA payslip. You can put all the required information to be ready for getting the slip.

We must thank the Government of Pakistan for creating such an easy system for its employees. This help Govt employee to save their time and don’t need to go to an office or stand in the long lines.

Just simply stay at home and use your laptop or computer to get register. You can also check the payment slip on your smartphone by opening your Gmail account.

The process is quite simple and you don’t need any expert advice to register with the PIFRA slip system.

Final Words

Salary slip is important for every employee. It helps to maintain the record of the payment an employee gets from their company. so this is something you should care about it.

I hope this post helps you a lot and give you clear instruction about the payslip and you will able to find your salary slip online. Let us know your issues, problem, or have any suggestions in the below comment section.

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  1. Dear Sir/ Madam;
    It is very essential for a head / DDO of any institution to get all his employees Salary Details. Especially for producing a Budget, Reconciliation report, check the reconciliation for a month/ quarter/ year and to determine the salary status of his employees. For this purpose the DDO must require the data which is (just say) Summary of payroll. Payroll summary or Payroll section 2 and 3 must be provided on this platform as the monthly and yearly expenditure is provided.
    Thank You for letting me a chance to convey my suggestion.

  2. Aslam e likum iam staff nurse six month ago i want registered my Email so the reason i do not get sallary silp so please to send monthly salary on email please thanks.


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