PIFRA DDO Monthly Expenditure 2021

FABS has also categorized the DDO Ber budget and allocation system on monthly basis through PIFRA DDO Monthly Expenditure. Here the Drawing and Disbursing officers or Government employees can acquire the monthly expenditure and budget allocation report for the dedicated subject.

From the start of the year, DDO’s and Government employees have to submit the monthly expenditure reports and maintain the sequence at the backhand to keep a track of their monthly expenditure. The DDO Monthly Expenditure helps to fetch the monthly expenditure activities and to plan for a yearly allocated budget as well.

Now it’s facile for the employees to get the budget details and work proficiently.

PIFRA DDO Monthly Expenditure

Monthly expenditure reports which are submitted to higher authorities by a DDO Ber after the expenditure of each month as per the rules of Finance division and Budget division is called DDO Monthly Expenditure Report.

Govt employees can easily check the report by going to fabs.gov.pk website. Visit the services tab and click on “EXECUTION REPORT EXPENDITURE” to see complete details of the report.


Benefits of PIFRA Monthly Expenditure

Earlier it was a manual system where the DDOs have to put in all the data in a sheet along with a detailed excel sheet for the breakup of expenses and submit it to the seniors for approval which was a hectic task but now all the data can be viewed online through the web portal. We have given a full guideline on how to use the online tool below:

This monthly report helps the senior employees to forecast the budget for future months which brought efficiency and lowered the budget variances which were significantly large previously. Budgets are re-appropriated, either deducted in case of an excess provision or addition due to less provision of budget to the DDO.

What is the DDO Budget Month Wise?

The DDO (Drawing & Disbursing Officer) provides you a code that helps you to find your budget details. Let me first explain to you what is the DDO code and why does it help in the budget. Every DDO Ber has its own code that specifically assigns to his sector/department.

The length of this code is 6 characters. The first two characters are in Alphabetical which is your circle code. For instance, your department code. The last four will be your employee number code.

The DDO code is very important for every officer. It’s not for the public and only for DDO officers. By using this code, the officers can use the PIFRA website and make their budget according to his needs.

Furthermore, he will aware of the number of officers in his department, average fuel payment, and the number of tenders cleared in the previous year. This helps him to propose a similar budget for the upcoming budget announcement.

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Details Concerning PIFRA Code List

To get the details about the PIFRA code list, you need to go to www.fabs.gov.pk.

Next, Go to Service >> Budget Execution Report and it will open a website http://m.pifra.gov.pk/DDODB.

If the FABS website didn’t work then you can open the PIFRA DDO link (http://m.pifra.gov.pk/DDODB) directly into your browser.

PIFRA Code List


Government Code

Each Government code is unique according to the province. This code means that where your DDO is located. For instance, if you are an employee of Federal Govt then you need to enter “F”, similar if you are from Sindh then you need to enter “S”. Here is the list of Government codes.

  • F = Federal
  • N = KP Govt
  • S = Sindh,
  • B = Balochistan,
  • P = Punjab
  • DGP = District Govt Punjab
  • K = Kashmir
  • DGN = District Govt KP
  • K = Kashmir
  • GB = Gilgit-Baltistan
  • GBC = GB Council
  • C = Kashmir Council.

DDO Code

The next code that you need to enter is the DDO code. We already explained it in the “DDO Budget Month Wise” section. It is a unique code for every employee and not for the public. It’s a 6 character code and every employee knows about it.

Once you enter both of the codes and hit the search button, it will get the whole data regarding your search query.

Still didn’t understand the procedure? Here is a video for you.

How to Track PIFRA Bill Status?

PIFRA make the system easier for their contractor and tender. Now you can easily check the status of your bill whether it passes or not. There are two ways to check. One is by sending SMS to PIFRA and others are using their online application. Both ways are convenient and fast. You can use any one according to your convenience.

By using the SMS method, you simply need to write your Govt code, district code, token number and send it to 0514710910.

For another way, Go to the official PIFRA website by using this link http://m.pifra.gov.pk and track your bill status easily.

Just to mention here that all the data is annually base. To find out the monthly expenditure, it should be divided by 12 months in order to get the monthly data.

That’s it. I hope you are now fully aware of the PIFRA DDO monthly expenditure, Billing status, and budget details.

We try to provide you as much information as we can regarding the PIFRA and PIFRA DDO Budget Expenditure on our site. If you want to know how to fill out the PIFRA slip form then you can also check the PIFRA Pay slip registration procedure on this site.

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