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PIFRA DDO Budget Exp Guide for Government Employee

PIFRA is a constitute of the Government of Pakistan for budgetary auditing. The PIFRA DDO budget exp 2021 is part of this Institute The intention of the project is to improve the financing and auditing system. To achieve this goal, PIFRA builds an online application where they computerized the auditing and financial system.

The total estimated cost for the DDO budget exp 2021 project is approximately Rs. 5,533 Million which tantamounts to the scale of this project to provide transparency, effectiveness, and efficiency in financial management.

The Drawing and Disbursing Officer (DDO) Budget Expenditure is also a part of this project. Before this was introduced it was a hassle for the employees to keep track of their expenses against their budgets, the authorities often had negative variances because manual record-keeping was not effective.

PIFRA DDO Budget Expenditure

With the introduction of the PIFRA budget expenditure, which is an effective tool in monitoring Government officers’ allocated budget with the actual expenses incurred and simultaneously work on improving the gap between the two in the future. Now allocation of budgets to different offices has been more transparent, effective, and less costly.

It is helpful for all the government employees including teachers, doctors, Army officers, and other government officers. The allocation of the government employees is disclosed each year on the DDO budget tariff. It helps the employees to know their budget values and spend efficiently

Benefits of PIFRA DDO Budget Exp

PIFRA was initiated by the Accountant General of Pakistan Revenues (AGPR) due to performance issues in budget expenditure, it became a necessity to improve it. so that it can offer better services for its employees.

Therefore, It introduces transparency, efficiency, effectiveness, accountability, and monitoring of the allocated budget with the actual expenditure. Every Drawing and disbursing officer is given a cost center with an allocated budget through which he spends the budget in different expenditures as per need.

However, It helps in keeping effective records of the expenditure where the bills can also be tracked to see their status. You can easily know the complete details anywhere using a mobile or at home on a laptop, all you need is just an internet connection.

The employees can get what they are entitled to and no one would be deprived. Similarly, the contractors can check the availability of budget online and check their bill status for payments creating transparency.

Earlier these were the biggest challenges as many employees were denied their allowances and contractors could not keep a track of their bills and were denied payments for the shortage of budget.

In a nutshell, everyone would receive what he is entitled to and no one can gain excess benefits neither deprived of his entitlement.

PIFRA monthly Salary Slip Registration

The employees of the Government of Pakistan can get their payslip in their email directly. You don’t need to go to the bank or department for this purpose.

Just simply register yourself with PIFRA and you are all done. After doing the registration, you will qualify for receiving the monthly salary slip through email.

Make sure, you have followed the documents while registration with PIFRA.

  1. Orginal Computerize ID Card.
  2. Gmail Email Address.
  3. PTCL or Mobile Phone Number.
  4. Employee Service Number.

Features of PIFRA DDO Budget Expenditure

PIFRA has some great features that facilitate its users. Some features are below:

  • Stay up to date with the budget details.
  • Keep a track of the latest expense values.
  • You can check monthly allowances.
  • Get to know your annual Tax Value.
  • Get a salary slip online.

Benefits for Government Employees

Now the government employees can keep a track of their budget through the access they are given to the online system of PIFRA.

They now have the ability to check the budget availability online for their travel allowances, medical allowances, and other special allowances and spend accordingly.

Further, they also get payslips online which is merely a click away which was previously a challenge. If you are a government employee, some of the characteristics of the PIFRA ddo budget expenditure that government employees can avail are as under:

  • Travel Allowances.
  • Medical Allowances
  • Home rent allowances
  • Special Allowances
  • Online Pay Slip Benefit

Travel Allowances

Previously every government employee had to submit their claims for official travel expenditures and there was a lack of control on the allocation of travel allowances allowed for a particular position code as some may get higher budget allocation while others were deprived.

With the automation of budget allocation through the pifra budget 2021-22, every employee for a particular position code can view the budget online, spend, and claim accordingly.

Medical Allowance

Like travel allowances, the medical allowance was also a hassle where government employees had to wait for months to get their medical claims and there was also a lack of transparency regarding disbursement of the allowance an employee is entitled to.

With the introduction of the DDO Government, each employee for a position code can keep a track of their medical allowances and receive what is due in a swift and timely manner.

Home Rent Allowance

Every component of the salary of a government employee is given a specific cost center in the PIFRA DDO Budget portal where the employees can view their up-to-date expense values, budget details, and monthly home rent allowance details.

Special Allowance

Govt also facilitates you for a special allowance that you can get for any purpose. If you need some urgent money like need to pay any kind of expense that you can apply for a special allowance.

Online Pay Slip Benefit

As a part of this project, PIFRA also introduced an online system for government employees to get their pay slips.

Now they don’t have to go to the office or bank for collection rather you will get it in your mailbox. You can also request online from the PIFRA’s portal which is the feature of PIFRA DDO Budget Exp.

Government Employees simply need to get themselves registered to the PIFRA online portal. The following document is mandatory to get register on the portal:

  1. Original Computerized ID Card.
  2. Email Address.
  3. PTCL or Mobile Phone Number.
  4. Employee Service Number.

PIFRA DDO Budget Exp is undergoing procedural changes. Soon many new features will be added with the passage of time. Keep checking their website for more updates. If you need more detailed information about PIFRA then don’t forget to read our other posts.

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