How to Get Salary Slip Online for Government Employee’s

Earlier time every Govt employee worry about receiving their payslip. This is because they need to visit their relevant department and obtain the printable slip with monthly payments. But now they don’t need to do that and they can get it online.

But the question is How to Get Salary Slip Online? Well, we will tell you the whole process in this article on PIFRA with proper guideline.

There are different methods to get the payslip online however if you are looking for salary slip from Govement then you are on right place to get the correct information.

It’s now easy to download and check th PIFRA salary slip in your mailbox. All you have to follow the simple registration process before getting your first payroll online.

Let’s read this article and know how to get the payslip easly on the webpage.

How to get Government Employee Salary Pay Slip Online?

Anyone working for Goverment can get the slip by following the simple and easy to understand steps. All you have to register and fill ou the form. When you do that you will able to create an account with PIFRA and right after that, you will start getting the salary payslip online.

What are the steps that you need to follow are below:

  1. Open official website for salary slip registration.
  2. Next visit the salary slip web page.
  3. From here you click on registration form.
  4. Now fill out all the require foam fields online.
  5. Make sure the provided info are correct and hit submit button.
  6. Your registration will complete and you will soon get your salary slip.

Connecting with PIFRA Payslip Online

The Government employees of Pakistan have a lot of issues while connecting with PIFRA. They don’t know the exact process and always looking for a guide. We here not only provide you guide but also keep up-to-date with them.

We know the value of our sincere users that’s why we are here to provide you as much information as we can to help out the visitors. You will find out the latest information on our site. As we get any update from the Government, we will keep the list out on the blog page.

Even if there is something to change the process of registration with PIFRA, we will also guide you about that. Our goal is to publish any latest news instance on our website so the visitor can immediately know it and get maximum output.

PIFRA (Project to Enhance Financial Reporting and Auditing (Pakistan)

Pakistan moving toward Digital Pakistan and the PIFRA is the first example. Although it’s not like any developing country still very useful. In this stage, it can be a smaller project by in upcoming months is going to be a big project of the Government of Pakistan.

The purpose of any online project is to solve the user’s problem and the PIFRA doing exactly. It is helping the government employees to get important information and salary slips online.

However, the Government of Pakistan trying to enhance its’ financial reporting and auditing system of Pakistan. They are putting all the important information regarding the auditing system online so you can get maximum benefits.

Additionally, The problem is the Government don’t put much information about guidelines for their Employee’s. They only introduce the online website where you can register and there aren’t details about the process and no daily updates are available.

Even they didn’t provide the information on how to become part of the project to get the salary slip. But our blog going to help you with all the hardness you having while registering with PIFRA.

Furthermore, The project is very important and saves a lot of your time because before the announcement of this project, you need to get the payslip from your office. This takes time and you need to stand in long lines for hours to get it.

It was a very hard and worst process to get the pension slip. Thanks to the Government of Pakistan that they bring such a valuable project where you can get your monthly payslips and pensions in your email box. No need to stand in the long queues and wait hours of hours.


Hopefull you know how to get a slary slip online and I am sure you will start getting the pay slip online without having any trouble. The only thing you need to make sure to fill the right info in the right input field while doing registration.

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  1. I am Muhammad Zafraz from Establishment Division. I want to register myself for monthly salary slip. please next time send my monthly pay slip at the above given email

  2. Dear Sir.
    I was receiving my payslip regularly on my Gmail address but since July 2021, it has been stopped.
    You are to kindly look into this matter so I can receive my slip regularly on monthly basis.
    Mohammad Mehdi


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