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DDO Code DDO’S Open And Filled Post Summary Report May 2022

Those who are working as Govt employees in Pakistan should know the DDO Code so they are able to get information about budget allocation. But first, you need to understand the term PIFRA DDOA Drawing & Disbursing Officers. The Accountant General Pakistan Revenues was the first Institution who was handling all the finance-related queries. But later on, it moves to FABS (Financial Accounting & Budgeting System).

The FABS now allowing KPK Govt to find out their position by using their specific code only. This code is very important information which written in the budget book. It is only for DDO officers who can check the budget details including total expense, how much is left for the monthly or year, or how much they need to pay.

Purpose of Pifra DDO Code

The (D.D.O.) plays a vital role in the supervision of society funds and control expenditure. There are substantial advantages of splitting the record and computerized it. It becomes super easy to keep track of each officer and Government staff and their records. The following reward is listed below:

  • Employe Group
  • Position
  • Job Description
  • Open/Filled

PIFRA D.D.O Code List

Every DDO assigns a unique code and it’s not for the public. This code is written in the budget book and every DDO knows about it. Its secret code only gives DDO officers to get the budget details. This code is 6 digits whereas the first two aliphatic characters and the remaining 4 will be the digits.


To check the position code of your respective DDO code, please follow the guidelines and instructions.

  1. Input N in Government Field.
  2. Type your respective DDO Code in DDO Code Field. (For Example GD1234).
  3. Click the Search button

How to Check DDO Code on PIFRA Portal

We are going to guide how you can check your details of the respective code below:

Here are important points that you can follow to check the information of the respective code using the portal.

  • Go to the Govt online portal website here http://m.pifra.gov.pk/ddops#,
  • Enter Government Province code in Government Field.
  • Now add specific code in the DDO Cod Field.
  • Hit Search Button.
  • All the employee’s list related to respective DDOs will open.
  • You can find their groups, grades, positions, and job description.
  • If you want to print the list, simply press Control + P

By doing this you can easily identify the specific position of your current post and grades.DDOs can view and check the entitlement of allowances for every grade.

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