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DDO Budget Check 2022 and Online Monthly Expenditure

Do you want a PIFRA budget check for the concerning year 2020-2021 to best manage your budget? But, don’t know how to do?

Then, don’t you worry!

Because today we’ve compiled an ultimate guide for you on PIFRA budget check 2020-2021! This will not only help you in budget management but will keep you out of debt throughout the year!


Before moving ahead, let’s first get through the fact:

Why Is There Need For Checking A Budget Report?

Being considerate about the consumer demands, many people/employees are unaware of the applications and features on the website to check the budget summary. The check for the budget can only be made concerning registration on the official website.

So, it is important to know about the different important functions and applications available on the website. To know about the information regarding the different types of budget it is important to know about the services.

So to help you with that, here is a quick guide that involves all the instructions in a step-by-step manner from registration to availing budget check facility.  

The Guide To Budget Check Online

Considering the consumer perspective PIFRA is majorly used for DDO Budget Exp checks.

“PIFRA” – “Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing” is a project of “Government of Pakistan” that was launched in the mid-1996. The present director for the project is “Mr. Tahir Naeem Akhtar.”

For the establishment of the project, the initial cost for the project was more than five thousand million Pakistani rupees. If you want to check the official website click here. Here you can easily view the detailed information regarding the project.

Aim and Purpose of Budget Check

Budget-check online is a facility that is provided by “PIFRA.” Reflecting upon their mission statement:

“Promoting transparency, accountability, and professionalism in public financial management.” it reveals the improvement for the audit reports is the topmost priority of PIFRA. For the completion of project goals, they have also taken up necessary measures which have led to a successful outcome over the past years. These measures include “professional knowledge”, “general infrastructure”, “allocation of IT resources” and “human resource development.”

In short, the major aim of the PIFRA budget check 2020-2021 is to bring reforms and innovations in the public sector so that the general public including government employees can be facilitated in every possible way.

Hence, enhancement of decision-making for the authorities is a general and important outcome for the project that can only be possible as a result of capacity management concerning the managers for the public sector.

Because of this, the work environment has also enhanced over the past years as a result of the productive outcome of the project leading to the improvement of “financial reporting” and “auditing.”

It also won’t be wrong to say that with the time “PIFRA” has also been successful in implementing a computerized budgetary system at different levels of government either “Federal”, “Provincial” or “District.” So, most of the transactions are also taking place through the system.

Steps for Account Registration/Budget-Check Login

If you are visiting the “PIFRA” website for the first time and want to perform a check for the budget or other stuff including payslip registration, you have to go through the following steps:

  1. First, visit their website using this link.
  2. Now, select services on the website and then click on ‘Online salary slip’.
  3. The online registration form will appear on your screen.
  4. You’ll be asked to fill in the different credentials for the website.
  5. These credentials include:
  • Government code
  • Mobile no
  • National identity card number
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Cell no
Budget Check
  1. It is necessary to fill in these credentials correctly.
  2. After filling in this information correctly, press the submit button.
  3. Now, the system will ensure the correctness of the provided information.
  4. If your provided information is correct another window will appear on your screen where you will be asked to provide your email address.
  5. Also, enter your email address in the second box for confirmation purposes.
  6. After providing the correct OTP code you are successfully registered for the payment slip and will be getting that lip on your mail account on monthly basis.

Checking The PIFRA’s Budget Summary Online

Here comes the main argument that how can one check the budget details of the government of Pakistan. In short, it’s the result of the following things:

1.     DDO Code:

“DDO” is an abbreviation that is used for “Drawing and Disbursing Officers.” Being considerate about this budget all the allowances being provided to the government officers are provided. The government officials and professionals include “army”, “teachers”, “doctors” and “government officers.”

So following are the allowances that are to be provided following the DDO budget check 2020-2021:

·       “Travel Allowance”

Following the “PIFRA DDO Budget”, travel allowance is provided to the government officers. All the travel expenditures are covered by the government for inter-city travel.

·       “Home Rent Allowance”

The possible expenditures regarding a residence are also covered by the government. Employees don’t have to worry about their residential expenses.

·       “Special Allowance”

These types of allowances are applicable for special cases like disability, scholarships, etc.

·       “Medical Allowance”

Medical allowance is provided by the government for up to fifteen thousand rupees per year.

2.     Code for the Government:

These are different for each region of Pakistan. These are dependent on the type of government whose rules and regulations are being implemented for a particular region. For example, for the KPK government, the “PIFRA” code will be “N.” Similarly, for the federal government, the “PIFRA” code will be “F” and vice versa.

The important features for the DDO Ber 2021 are as follows:

  • One can easily calculate the tax value on an annual basis for each individual. So, an employee needs to be a filer so that the value can be calculated appropriately.
  • In case of altering or changing the budget, alerts are sent to the employee’s email addresses. As a result, the individual will have a better knowledge regarding them.
  • Generating your online salary slip is an essential feature available on the website for which most people get themselves registered.
  • DDO budget also provides information regarding your monthly allowances because the values vary from one professional to the other. The grade will also be considered in this regard.
  • Expenditure values can also be known to the individuals as a result of the DDO budget. These may vary from one individual to the other.

Stepwise Procedure For Checking Budget

To check the budget “www pifra budget check DDO” details, follow these steps:

  1. First, visit the official website using this link.
  2. Now, locate the services tab and click on it.
  3. After doing so, some options will appear on your screen. Select the budget execution report option.
  4. Now, you’ll be asked to enter the government and DDO code. Enter both of them correctly.
  5. Thus, a budget will appear on your screen concerning different objects.

Final Words

In this article, the aims, objectives, and purposes to check and manage budget through PIFRA has been reflected upon for providing a piece of clear information to the individuals. Concerning the consumer perspective, it is necessary to know the procedures and protocols for viewing the PIFRA budget 2020-2021, expenditures, and object-based allowances.

So, knowing the DDO budget for 2021 and the generation of payment slips can also lead to better productivity in the future. All the step-by-step procedures have been provided for facilitating the consumers mostly government employees so that they don’t refrain from acquiring knowledge in that regard.

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